Flipped (?) Review

I’m not going to make this an overly long post, as it’s the end of the school year, and there’s no time to be overly verbose.  To quickly get to the point, whenever you get a new toy, you want to play with it as much as possible.  Well, I’m happily looking for was to play with my new iPad (yeah, here comes the spam). 

This year, I’ve been using some of the tools from Modeling whenever possible, one of the most common I’ve used being whiteboards.  As I get ready for review for finals, I was trying to figure out how to effectively use whiteboarding to review for the exam.  For most of the year, I’ve asked the students to take pictures of their whiteboards at the end of discussion and post them into the class Schoology page.  The main problem with that is that most haven’t done that. 

So, insert “I-want-to-play-with-my-toy,-so-let’s-see-if-we-can-make-it-effective.”  I’ve uploaded a .pdf of the review questions I assigned into an annotation app (uPad Lite – I’m cheap and it’s free).  My thought is I’ll be the secretary that writes the minutes and they’ll whiteboard the various problems.  Then I’ll post the minutes into schoology so everyone has the results. 

The kids will do the explanation, and I’ll take notes.  That’s my take on a flipped classroom.

p.s.- yes I would love to have the kids do this, but we currently have a no mobile device policy and no wifi.  I tend to look the other way for the kids that actually take the time to take pictures to post online when they get home.  This policy is most likely changing for next school year, so part of my reason for doing this is to begin trying somethings out.  Any thoughts on better ways to do this would be greatly appreciated!


2 responses to “Flipped (?) Review

  1. Scott,
    This is very cool. Is there any way to see an example of what your minutes look like?

  2. Very cool, Scott. I know that Brian Frank takes tons of notes in his classes, but I think they’re for himself. I’ve used my smart pen to do something similar to this, and the reason I bought my smart pen was to take notes in meeting with one or two students in my office about larger projects.

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