Modeling and the Next Generation Science Standards

One of the traditional parts of a second modeling workshop is to design your own unit.  Since there is so much changing with physics with the Next Generation Science Standards rough draft and the much rumored AP B redesign, I wanted to take a look at how the current curriculum materials matched.  By no means do I confider myself an expert, but I figured, if I was going to build a unit, might as well have something I can possibly use in the future.  With that in mind, I made a very crude list of how the modeling units matched the NGSS.

At the bottom of this post, I list the units as per the ASU Modeling website (can’t get access? Go to a Modeling workshop, it’s the only way to really use the mateyails anyway).  Skipped standards, to me, fit other classes than physics.

NGCC-Modeling topics

  • HS.PS-FM.a            BFPM &UFPM
  • HS.PS-FM.b            MTM
  • HS.PS-FM.c            MTM
  • HS.PS-FM.d            MTM
  • HS.PS-FM.e            MTM
  • HS.PS-FM.f             MTM (w/relativity)
  • HS.PS-IF.a               BFPM, UFPM, E&M-#1&4
  • HS.PS-IF.c               E&M
  • HS.PS-IF.e              E&M (extention of curriculum needed)
  • HS.PS-E.a                ETM
  • HS.PS-E.b               ETM, 2nd Law of Thermo
  • HS.PS-E.c                ETM, Entropy
  • HS.PS-E.d               ETM, Entropy
  • HS.PS-E.f                ETM
  • HS.PS-E.h               ETM, Machines
  • HS.PS-FE.a          Energy & Fields (g, E, B)
  • HS.PS-FE. b         Energy storage in fields
  • HS.PS-FE.c           systems of Energy storage due to fields
  • HS.PS-W.a           Mech Waves #1
  • HS.PS-W.b          Mech Waves #2
  • HS.PS-W.c           Mech Waves #2, 3, &4
  • HS.PS-ER.a          Light #1&2 (&3?)
  • HS.PS-ER.b          review lit about speed of light
  • HS.PS-ER.c          review lit about effect of various wavelengths of matter
  • HS.PS-ER.f           review lit about digital vs analog communication



(yes, I love Kelly O’Shea’s Naming system)

Mechanics Units

  1. Scientific Thinking
  2. Constant Velocity Particle Model (CVPM)
  3. Constant Acceleration Particle Model (CAPM)
  4. Balanced Force Particle Model (BFPM)
  5. Unbalanced Force Particle Model (UFPM)
  6. Projectile Motion Particle Model (PMPM)
  7. Energy Transfer Model (ETM)
  8. Central Force Particle Model (CFPM)
  9. Momentum Transfer Model (MTM)

Mechanical Waves Units

  1. Oscillating Particle Model
  2. 1-D Mechanical Waves Model
  3. Sound Wave Model
  4. 2-D Mechanical Wave Model

Models Of Light

  1. Light Particle Model
  2. Light Wave Model
  3. Light Photon Model

Electricity and Magnetism

  1. Charge and Field
  2. Potential
  3. Circuits
  4. Magnetism

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