AP Physics 1 Syllabus

I recently was able to get my syllabus approved by College Board. The approval number is # 1485588v1 Authorized

You can download the .docx copy here


3 responses to “AP Physics 1 Syllabus

  1. Thanks for sharing. I’m in the middle of the rotational unit. Can you provide more details of your paradigm lab and distance fallen vs angle of rotation activities? I’m struggling finding activities that fit with a modeling approach., and I’m not succeeding at creating my own. Thanks for the help, if you can.
    (schultza@clhs-tx.org if you’d like to email.)

    • I start the unit by wrapping a string around a pulley. As the mass attached drops, it spins the pulley. I then ask the for the groups to figure out a way to describe the motion of a dot on the pulley- basically introducing a need for angular velocity and angular acceleration as a 1D description instead of using sine and cosine systems of equations.

      The paradigm lab we do a little later. I have CPO pulley kits, but the modeling literature had a similar lab. I have the same pulley with a string wrapped around it, that has a mass attached. Also attached to the pulley is a spinner that has adjustable masses. The students can then adjust how much mass is on the spinner, where that mass is located, and how much mass is hanging at the end of the string. Once they put it all together, they get Newton’s second law for angular motion (net torque = inertia * alpha)

      I hope to make a blog post about it soon.

  2. Thanks for the feedback. I’m discovering I was ill prepared equipment wise to teach rotation from a Modeling perspective. Look forward to reading through more of your blog. Thanks for sharing!

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