AP1 Course

I’m going to do my best to try to share what I’m doing in my AP1 course here:

Overall Storyline

AP Physics 1 Syllabus (Syllabus # 1485588v1 Authorized)

1st Semester

Unit 1: Constant Velocity Particle Model (CVPM)

Unit 2: Constant Acceleration Particle Model (CAPM)

Unit 3: Momentum Transfer Model (MTM)

Unit 4: Balanced Forces Particle Model (BFPM)

Unit 5: Unbalanced Forces Particle Model (UFPM)

Unit 6: Energy Transfer Model (ETM)

2nd Semester

Unit 7: Central Force Particle Model (CFPM)

Unit 8: Rotating Bodies Model (RBM)

Unit 9: Oscillating Particle Model (OPM)

Unit 10: Mechanical Wave Model (MWM)

Unit 11: Charged Particle Model (CPM)

AP Test Review


2 responses to “AP1 Course

  1. Karenrose Vela

    I have never been to a modeling workshop but have heard alot of talk about it. do you have anything to go with the modeling you planned for each unit? Thanks.

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